An italian developer moved to Dublin. A full stack web developer moved to devops.

These are some of my open source projects, more at https://github.com/carlo-colombo

telegram-resource (concourse, js, telegram) - https://github.com/carlo-colombo/telegram-resource
A concourse resouce that act as a telegram bot tracking and sending message.

dublin_bus_api (elixir) - https://github.com/carlo-colombo/dublin-bus-api
Access to the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) for Dublin Bus services.

commander (elixir, telegram) - https://github.com/carlo-colombo/commander
Elixir macro library to create telegram bot with commands

dublin-bus-pebble (js, pebble) - https://github.com/carlo-colombo/dublin-bus-pebble
Pebble.js application that view dublin bus timetables

dublin-bus-pebble-configurator (js, react) - https://github.com/carlo-colombo/dublin-bus-pebble-configurator
Configuration page for dublin-bus-pebble, try at http://carlo-colombo.github.io/dublin-bus-pebble-configurator