An italian developer moved to Dublin. Actually most interested in elixir, react, ipfs, docker. Other interestes are python, couchdb, groovy, angular.

These are some of my open source projects, more at https://github.com/carlo-colombo

dublin_bus_api (elixir) - https://github.com/carlo-colombo/dublin-bus-api
Access to the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) for Dublin Bus services.

commander (elixir, telegram) - https://github.com/carlo-colombo/commander
Elixir macro library to create telegram bot with commands

dublin-bus-pebble (js, pebble) - https://github.com/carlo-colombo/dublin-bus-pebble
Pebble.js application that view dublin bus timetables

dublin-bus-pebble-configurator (js, react) - https://github.com/carlo-colombo/dublin-bus-pebble-configurator
Configuration page for dublin-bus-pebble, try at http://carlo-colombo.github.io/dublin-bus-pebble-configurator