February 10, 2021

Introducing Elixir Buildpack

This is something I am working on (and off) for the last year, it started as a way to play with Elixir and Cloud Native Buildpacks but then I started to use it to create images to deploy on a small k3s Kubernetes cluster I maintain.

May 14, 2016

Using Docker Cloud on Scaleway vps

Docker cloud Docker Cloud (formerly Tutum) help to deploy containers image on node clusters. Nodes can be provisioned directly from the service (Digital Ocean, Azure, AWS, Packet.net, and IBM SoftLayer). Additionally is possible to use the function Bring your own node (BYON) to add any linux server connected to the internet as node and deploy on it. I’m using this service to manage a stack (a set of images described by a file similar to docker-compose. Read more

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